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Southwest Fund

By designating your gift to the Southwest Fund, you join thousands of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who make Southwest Minnesota State University possible.

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Mustang Market

The Mustang Market provides resources to help eliminate food insecurities for SMSU students.

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Invest in Southwest

Grassroots support for projects and programs at SMSU. Browse to find an area you are passionate about and tell your friends to help spread awareness.

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The Mission of the Southwest Minnesota State University Foundation:

We exist in order to engage alumni and friends of Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) in funding scholarships, projects and activities that benefit SMSU students and support the strategic priorities of SMSU.

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Student Impact

Your gift greatly impacts SMSU students because you are investing in future leaders.

Thank you for choosing me to receive this scholarship. Growing up, I have learned not to take anything for granted. Receiving this means much more to me than you can imagine. Receiving this scholarship tells me that you believe in me and my goals, which gives me the motivation to keep pushing on. Education is the cornerstone of all my hopes and dreams. I graduated from Tracy Area High school, and I am thankful that I experienced my younger years in a small town that supports their students very well. I was provided with exemplary teachers and set goals that were almost impossible to reach, but met them every time. Thanks to people like you, students like me can continue their education with less struggle. Every little bit helps at this point in life, and I cannot express enough gratitude for all the experiences and opportunities that have been offered to me in college. Hopefully, someday, I will be in a position where I can be on the other side and offer scholarships to students that share my passion.

Charlie Vang
Charlie Vang, '21 Accounting & Finance Major

I would like to thank you for choosing me for this scholarship! The money from this scholarship will make it easier for me to afford college and worry less financially. I will show my gratitude for this scholarship by furthering my education and maintain good grades in school! Once again, thank you!

Cesar Carrillo
Cesar Carrillo, Exercise Science Major

I would like to thank all the donors who are helping me pay for my education at SMSU. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to your generosity, my financial burden is lessened. I plan to make use of this opportunity by doing the best I can in my classes. I will make sure to continue to work hard to make you proud to have awarded me with this scholarship. Like you are giving back to your community, I cannot wait to give back to mine with my career in accounting. Thank you for helping me further my education! Your help is bringing me closer to my goals.

Jacey Schiager
Jacey Schiager, '21 Accounting Major

I am honored to be the recipient of this scholarship. This has allowed me to start my education goals and career. This monetary help will encourage me to pursue my passion and dreams with courage. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from you. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to focus more on the most crucial features of school education. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future.

Hailemichael Hagos
Hailemichael Hagos, Computer Science Major

Thank you for your generous scholarship. As a first generation college student, I appreciate every bit of financial support I receive. I find myself extremely fortunate to receive scholarships such as this because I know that there are many well-deserving candidates to choose from. It is amazing to see local family farms helping local college students achieve their dreams. Thank you very much for your help.

Pamela Winzenburg
Pamela Winzenburg, Agronomy Major
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