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SMSU Foundation Board

The SMSU Foundation is guided by the work of an dedicated Board of Directors. Elected to three-year terms, the directors are alumni and friends who provide invaluable counsel in fundraising, portfolio management, strategic planning and other matters. With the assistance of many volunteers, the Board of Directors is responsible for enabling the Foundation to meet the long-term needs of the University.

Dave Werpy '79 Photo
Dave Werpy '79
Ann Roemen '84 Photo
Ann Roemen '84
1st Vice President
Kristi Mukomela '80 Photo
Kristi Mukomela '80
Jerry Bly '71 Photo
Jerry Bly '71
Past President
Brad Bacon '92 Photo
Brad Bacon '92
Board Member
Julie Bleyhl '84 Photo
Julie Bleyhl '84
Board Member
Tim Burns '97 Photo
Tim Burns '97
Board Member
Duane Carrow Photo
Duane Carrow
Board Member
Tina Cartwright '97 Photo
Tina Cartwright '97
Board Member
Lee French '72 Photo
Lee French '72
Board Member
Brian Knochenmus '00 Photo
Brian Knochenmus '00
Board Member
Jim Kontz Photo
Jim Kontz
Board Member
Dan Koster '85 Photo
Dan Koster '85
Board Member
Dorene Kronke-McCourt '73 Photo
Dorene Kronke-McCourt '73
Board Member
Ken Mukomela Photo
Ken Mukomela
Board Member
Joe Roers '05 Photo
Joe Roers '05
Board Member
Valerie Swanson '76 Photo
Valerie Swanson '76
Board Member
Diane Taylor '75 Photo
Diane Taylor '75
Board Member
Cindy Verschaetse Photo
Cindy Verschaetse
Board Member
Neal Wahlman '75 Photo
Neal Wahlman '75
Board Member
Brad Winkelman '91 Photo
Brad Winkelman '91
Board Member

Ex-Officio Members

Linda Baun '85 Photo
Linda Baun '85
Council 5 Representative
Dr. Vicky Brockman '82 Photo
Dr. Vicky Brockman '82
Faculty Representative
Jefferson Lee IV '96 '11  Photo
Jefferson Lee IV '96 '11
Administrative and Service Faculty Representative
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