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Scholarship Recipients

Amberlynn Morgan
2021 & 2022 Scholarship Recipient

Culinology Major

Thank you so much for this scholarship! I am a hardworking honors student (4.0 GPA) studying Culinology, and minoring in nutrition and chemistry. I enjoy cooking, and studying the science behind it is my passion. In my junior year, I transferred to SMSU from another college, but I have quickly jumped into full involvement on campus. I have gained hands-on experience in my field through completing my first internship during the summer of 2020 at Noodle’s World Kitchen, which has solidified my enthusiasm for my degree. Currently I am pursuing a second internship in research and development at Kerry Taste and Nutrition, a major food ingredient manufacturing company.

I am so thankful to be receiving this scholarship so that I can continue to put my best work into studying Culinology, chemistry and nutrition. Currently I am paying for my tuition through money that I have saved working in the summer. This last summer and this current summer I have and will be completing internships to further my education. I also want to continue to develop and use my leadership and teamwork skills and to continue to push for excellence. I am passionate about Culinology, and I put full effort into learning as much as I can from it. This Scholarship will allow me to invest all my energy into my education as I will not have to get a second job. I will also have the opportunity to invest more time in extracurricular opportunities, which help me to gain leadership and teamwork skills that I can leverage in my future career.



winch-cynthia_mankato-mn-002.png    Cynthia Winch
2020 Scholarship Recipient

Social Work Major

I would like to thank you for your support in the continuing of my education. Scholarships like this make my education possible and I am very grateful for the generous donors who make them available. I am honored to have been selected for the SMSU Foundation Women’s Leadership Conference Scholarship and I hope that someday I can act as a role model for others, especially other women. With my education at SMSU, I will be able to achieve my dream job of helping others as a Social Worker and making a difference in the world. Again, thank you for offering me this scholarship.


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